was eyes for the blind and become the mouth and ears for the deaf

this time we really need the best helping hand to make a living love of fellow disabled children we serve, (deaf and blind) as many as 150 people. they all are children of very poor families, so that all their living expenses we have to bear, so that they can later mass and independent schools.
then we beseech you would deign to help us to be able to empower them, let us be the eyes and ears for children who are deaf and blind.
hopefully thanks to the generosity of the brothers and sisters of grace and love of God have always been abundant on you and all the effort goes well.

best regards
foundation work of pure Ruteng
( YAYASAN KARYA MURNI RUTENG)latihan artikulasi tunarungu

anak tunarungu kerja tal

tunarungu panen sayur dan akan menjual dari rumah -kerumah

tunet belajar mengenal lingkingan sekitar

menulis breile

belajar malam hari


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